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Home theatre cabinets from Blue Gum Joinery

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Blue Gum Joinery  is a pioneer in manufacturing audio-visual and home theatre cabinets. Blue Gum Joinery also provides a complete range of home-theatre cabinets.

The team of skilled professionals at Blue Gum Joinery work with one of the leading audio-visual companies to design unique cabinets for home theatres and audio-visual equipment. Blue Gum Joinery considers the ventilation and cable access needs of customers while designing the audio-visual and home-theatre cabinets. The home theatre cabinets provided by Blue Gum Joinery are available in various sizes and can accommodate all types of equipment.

Blue Gum Joinery uses high quality material and hardware in manufacturing home theatre cabinets. Standard designs of home theatre cabinets are provided by Blue Gum Joinery, which work efficiently with audio-visual equipment and can also be fitted in different decors and styles.

Standard designs, are available to simplify design process while fitting the products in with various decors and tastes. JISC cabinets from Blue Gum Joinery are manufactured in modular fashion. Each door of the cabinet is hung to the internal cabinet and each internal cabinet is assembled together to enhance the overall appearance of the cabinet.

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