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Five advantages of raised storage

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Racking specialist Blue Diamond Machinery offers raised storage solutions designed for businesses to optimise their existing storage areas quickly and easily.

Blue Diamond raised storage solutions range from pallet racking and long shelf warehouse racking for operations that demand more adaptable storage to larger and more permanent custom fit mezzanine floors. Designed to fit the specific needs of the business as well the existing warehouse layout, Blue Diamond raised storage can be installed without interrupting the workspace or work process.

Blue Diamond raised storage solutions offer five key advantages:

1. Eliminates the cost and hassle of relocation

Business expansion invariably raises a demand for increased storage capacity. Choosing a raised storage system will not only eliminate the need to move to a larger storage area or acquire additional warehouses, but also do away with costly relocation expenses as well as the stress and hassle of moving. A raised storage solution is guaranteed to increase the business’ storage capacity without causing any operational interruption.

2. Works with your business continuity

Business continuity is ensured with the implementation of a raised storage solution in the warehouse by eliminating the need for disruptive relocation. The business will not suffer any loss to productivity with the current operation continuing to flow and the flexibility to expand to maximum capacity.

3. A mezzanine floor quickly doubles storage space

Doubling the existing warehouse space with a minimum of fuss and expense is by far, the most important benefit of a mezzanine floor. Blue Diamond mezzanine floors, like all Blue Diamond raised storage solutions, meet complete Australian safety standards ensuring workplace protection. Mezzanine floors are available in the form of freestanding raised storage areas and rack supported mezzanines.

While freestanding systems are made to order, custom fitted to the warehouse layout and offer an open deck area that works with the existing space without impeding workflow, rack supported mezzanines are a cost effective mezzanine solution built from pallet racking, providing storage areas on the upper deck as well as having the option of using the racking support structure for pallet storage.

4. Raised storage is a flexible solution

Pallet racking is not only inexpensive, but also flexible as the installation can be easily adapted to the warehouse’s needs. One of the cheapest and most convenient solutions for storing palletised loads without the need for specialised loading vehicles, pallet racking can start with a single, small storage bay and expand with the business. Long span warehouse shelving and racking can be considered if some items are not suited for pallet storage.

5. Delivers massive ongoing cost savings

Raised storage solutions are designed to integrate within the existing business process and warehouse design, eliminating any need for paying for a storage system that doesn't suit precise requirements. The flexible raised storage systems meet the changing needs of the business, continuously minimising expense as there is no need to adopt new storage solutions to accommodate the growing business storage demand.

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