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Permanent dedicated vehicles from The Kings Group

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The Kings Group, acquired with Blue Circle Warehousing and Logistics  provide permanent dedicated vehicles, supplying over 500 to various industries across Australia and New Zealand. Ideal clients that benefit from vehicle solutions from the Kings Group include:

  • Clients that have their own company vehicle or vehicles
  • Clients that engage one or more sub-contractors directly
  • Clients that book multiple ad-hoc deliveries per day
  • Clients that seek to improve marketplace image
  • Clients that seek the latest 'value add' technology to be set apart from the competition
All permanent dedicated vehicles from The Kings Group feature the following:
  • Patented net track technology and GPS to enable clients to monitor vehicles in real-time
  • Driver PDAs to allow signature capture at delivery, providing PODs in real time
  • Modern and clean vehicles
  • Professionally trained drivers dedicated solely to client businesses
  • Latest in transport technology
  • Vehicle livery increases presence and improved marketplace image
  • Back-up vehicles during peak periods provide flexibility and service guarantees
  • Improved cash-flow for clients, allowing a greater focus on business
  • Reduced hidden costs associated with owning or leasing owned vehicles such as staff wages, vehicle maintenance costs and depreciation in vehicle resale value
All dedicated permanent vehicle driver undergo an extensive screening process to ensure quality in performance.

For comprehensive and convenient vehicle solutions, businesses should consider obtaining dedicated permanent vehicles from The Kings Group.

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