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How Blucher has taken the heat out of stainless steel

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AN Australian company has taken the heat out of stainless steel applications in the mining and resources sector.

Using a Swedish-designed product, Blucher Australia provides a stainless steel solution that is simple and efficient to use and which requires no specialist welding equipment or costly qualified labour to install.

The system, which can be used for a variety of purposes from plumbing to conveying pressurised gases, relies on a sophisticated pressure-fitting system to produce a strong and sound seal that fully replicates an actual weld.

It is cheap, efficient and safe to use, and provides an ideal solution for businesses looking to take advantage of the many benefits of stainless steel.

According to Blucher the need for specialist welders is eliminated, and the cost and time required to install a stainless steel system is dramatically reduced. This provides benefits for businesses in remote areas, saving both time and money.

In addition, no welding means no fire risk, which can be a major issue in some situations."

Developed in Sweden and proven in Europe for more than 20 years, the system uses an ingenious press-fitting process using one 240V electric press-tool to connect the entire range of tubes and fittings, completely eliminating the need for welding. Known as the Mapress press-fitting system, it has been developed in an extensive range of metric tubing and fitting sizes from 15 mm to 108 mm in diameter.

The use of stainless steel has long been considered problematic because it requires professional welders for installation, but this is not the case with the Mapress system.

Blucher Australia already has clients using the system in the meat processing, food processing, brewing and wine industries.

The fact that stainless steel, which is a clean, durable, corrosion resistant, non-combustible and a long-lasting material, can now be installed without specialist welders and fitters, is seen as a major breakthrough.

This, combined with stainless steel's ability to with stand extreme variances in temperature, makes the Blucher product a standout in its field.

The system also has another major benefit - the stainless steel tubing can be modified easily and quickly at any time. This can be done by virtually anyone on staff instead of a professional welder.

The Blucher stainless steel press-fitting system is designed for high-pressure applications with a working pressure of 25Bar or 2500kPa and the features of hygiene, reliability, safety and corrosion resistance in mind.

The system is available with pipe sizes up to 108mm in diameter and an extensive range of fitting options is also a major advantage over other stainless steel systems currently available.

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