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Blucher’s Stainless Steel Drainage and Plumbing Systems for the Beverage Industry

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Stainless steel drainage systems and plumbing products from Blucher Australia were installed at two different companies from the beverage industry with successful results.  

Blucher’s stainless steel plumbing systems were supplied to Beringer Blass Wines and Cooper’s Brewery.  

Blass was particular about using high quality materials that offered reliability, flexibility and value for money in the course of developing the 36,000m² Beringer Blass wine bottling plant in SA’s Barossa Valley.  

Plumbing consulting engineer Mirek Janousek specified a Blucher drainage system to meet the specific requirements of the bottling plant.  

According to Mr Janousek of the Victoria-based engineering consultancy Beca, the drainage and plumbing installation needed to handle water with very high temperatures up to 82ºC and sometimes combined with sulphuric acid.  

He added that uPVC wouldn’t have been able to handle the heat while the cast iron solution was not as flexible and would have been susceptible to corrosion.  

Blucher’s stainless steel drainage system was the most suitable solution that also ended up being particularly cost-effective due to ease of installation.    

The Cooper’s Brewery bottling plant at Regency Park in Adelaide also required a drainage system that needed to withstand extremes of temperature and cleaning chemicals used in the sterilisation process.  

Since ‘Clean-in-Place’ had to be achieved quickly at the plant, Cooper’s saw the Blucher stainless steel drainage system as the best investment for their specific requirements.

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