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Debt recovery services from Blitz Credit Management

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Operating throughout Australia, Blitz Credit Management provides businesses with debt recovery services to help them maintain a consistent cash flow. Specialising in commercial, consumer, insurance, and educational debt recover, with Blitz Credit Management clients only pay a fee when their debt is recovered, ensuring they receive value with every transaction.

Blitz Credit Management take a modern approach to debt recovery. Clients know what is happening in every step of the collection process because Blitz Credit Management provide complete and thorough status updates. Once a debt is lodged, they keep clients informed through a secure online debt management system available 24 hours a day.

Blitz Credit Management's experienced debt collectors understand the impact of overdue accounts on a business and their main motivation is protecting their clients' brand and customer base.

Blitz Credit Management offers a range of options for debt recovery, including commission based recovery and a membership based service.

In the commission based service clients are offered ‘no collect, no fee’ commission based recoveries. When outstanding debts are recovered, a sliding scale commission is payed, based on the amount of the debt. It is even possible to charge these fees to the debtor if terms and conditions provide for this.

The membership based debt recovery service is the most cost effective way to recover debts. The membership allows clients to list debts with Blitz Credit Management to receive a seven day demand notice. Once a debt is lodged, a letter will be sent on the same day requesting immediate payment. If the customer makes the payment in the initial seven day period, Blitz Credit Management charges no commission. After the seven days, Blitz Credit Management will be in contact to seek further instructions.

Key benefits from using debt recovery services from Blitz Credit Management include:

  • improves cash flow
  • saves time
  • improves collection rate
  • protects business brand
  • sends a clear message to customers that late payments are not tolerated
  • saves money
  • recovers debts quickly
  • reduces expenses on debt collection.
Blitz Credit Management is a member of the Institute of Mercantile Agents, the Australian Institute of Credit Management and ACA International. Debt recovery is undertaken using the highest professional standards in accordance with privacy legislation and industry codes of conduct.

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