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Revolution in milling technology

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MIKRON Machines, available from Bliss & Reels, communicate with the help of the Smart Machine, first seen at EMO 2003.

The Mikron machine can be configured as required via these modules. As a result, the machine becomes a "communicative island of machine tools" or a "communicative production unit".

Here is some of the advance information on the modules -- Intelligent Thermal Compensation (ITC) and Advanced Process System (APS).

APS "Advanced Process System" - the new monitoring system from Mikron.

The system for HVC 140 motor spindles (further ones are in preparation) from Mikron opens up exceptional control possibilities. This system has been specially developed for high-speed machining. However, it can also be used for other milling machining purposes.

With the help of this cleverly devised system, the forces developing in the milling process can be made visible. As a result, it is possible to intervene in the process in order to optimise the latter and thus increase the tools' service life.

Advantages of the Advanced Process System:

* Improvement in workpiece quality (elimination of vibration marks on the surface; in particular, in the case of inner radii).

* Increase tool service life (reduction in tool costs).

* Checks the balancing quality of your tool holder.

* Recognition of critical machining strategies.

* Controlled prolongation of spindle working life (reduction in the machine hourly rate).

* Improvement of process reliability (minimising of standstill times as well as control of the process).

ITC "Intelligent Thermal Compensation" when accuracy and machining time are not mutually exclusive.

In the highly accurate milling machining segment, it is usual for the machine operator to wait for a thermal steady state on the machine.

Advantages and benefits of the ITC:

* Higher accuracy in shorter machining times.

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