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Rainer system punches out downtime

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article image Rainer punch press centre.

REDUCED operating downtime and a high degree of access to metal sheets is made possible by the Rainer OS Series orbital system punch press centres.

Distributed by Bliss & Reels for small to medium punching jobs, Rainer OS 1000, OS 2000 and OS 2500 units are open 'one-piece' structures that integrate into the machine a work table with nylon brushes to reduce overall operating dimensions.

Keeping downtime to an absolute minimum is an 'orbital turret' layout for quick punch and die re-tooling.

"Rainer's 'orbital system' has a die turret with a larger diameter than the one on the punch, with the two turrets eccentrically mounted so punch and die are aligned only under the ram," managing director Martin Kesselring said.

"This leaves a large number of dies directly accessible to the operator. Therefore, die re-tooling is instant and the correct punch and die orientation and its inspection is performed immediately."

Die holders are directly referenced on the turret without mechanical play for greater punching precision.

Sheet carriage is behind the turret making it possible to machine sheets even larger than the nominal work range of the machine by rotating the sheet.

These machines have a punching force ranging from 20 to 23 tons depending on the model, but noise admission is almost non-existent as the hydraulic operating system is silenced by a phono-absorbent panelling inside the machine.

All stations for tools larger than 1/2 inch are lubricated and have a hardened steel sleeve. All indexed stations have a punching diameter of 3 1/2 inches (88.9mm).

Optimum alignment of punch and die is achieved in any working condition as the turret is held by two patented supports and a central support bearing (a highly rigid and stable structure inside which is the punching station).

Sheets sized 2000 x 1000mm or 2500 x 1250mm are punched and pressed with great accuracy throughout the whole working range utilising a maximum punching/nibbling rate at the highest speed.

"As technical specifications are critical in punching and pressing operations for the end user, the Rainer OS Series allows not only Rainer control systems to be used, but also the equally sophisticated Siemens 840 D control system," Mr Kesselring said.

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