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Blip IT  offers HOW HIGH ALTIMETER that comes with 1 meter resolution and reports a maximum altitude for a flight up to 2150m above ground level. It does not require any computer or any other special equipment for its operation. It is easy to install and can be plugged into the receiver very easily. It is small, weightless and works efficiently on any model plane.

Blip IT offers R/C reporter, a device used to locate lost plane. This device plays a loud noise when there in no signal or when given a command. This device also helps the user to test if the frequency is in use. The Park BEC offered by Blip IT works efficiently that the traditional BEC equipment. It is small and light weighted. It can be used to work effectively above certain voltage.

The SportBEC offered by Blip IT is an improved version of ParkBEC product. This product can be used without any worry about overheating. It is suited for a wide range of aircraft installation but is best suited for sports aircraft. It can also be used upon robots, 3D aircrafts and helicopters.

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