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article image Therm hotwater pressure cleaning system

Kranzle  heavy-duty THERM can be used for a wide range of applications including cleaning trucks, forklifts, earthmoving equipment as well as food processing facilities. The Therm hotwater pressure cleaning system will melt off grease, oil, encrusted dirt and even chewing gum.

This good quality German engineered unit which is also ideal for degreasing steelwork prior to blasting, painting or powdercoating has many inbuilt features to enhance cleaning efficiency and safety :

15m steelweave high pressure hose with onboard hosereel. It is a fact that low quality plastic/thermoplastic hosing will kink and get fracture lines thus cutting short the life of the hose.

Automatic total stop facility. If the operator is required elsewhere, the machine will click into pressureless bypass mode when the trigger is released. The machine then idles for 30 seconds before switching off. Water under pressure generates heat and it is this heat that can damage the pump, motor and seals in any other machine. The pressureless bypass feature (equivalent to a state of idling) ensures there is no build-up of heat inside the pressure cleaner which is has longevity. This unique feature, patented by Kranzle, is incorporated into all Kranzle High Pressure Cleaning Systems.

Forged brass pumphead with dry-run safety feature. This dry-run facility prevents scouring of seals and pistons should the water supply be cut and allows the Kranzle pump to run dry for up to 2 hours.

Another standard feature of the Kranzle range of pressure washers are the ceramic-coated pump plungers that will not crack as often happens with the sleeved units on other pumps.

Kranzle also stocks a huge range of accessories for high pressure cleaners including:

  • Sandblast kit plus garnet
  • Draincleaning hose (10m up to 30m) with nozzle
  • Sprayguards
  • Sludge suckers
  • Rotary and flat brushes
  • Nozzles and lances (including the useful underbody lance with extension and toilet-cleaning lance)
  • Minifoamer and chemical kit

Kranzle provides dedicated after-sales service Australia-wide.

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