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Tips for industrial painting following sand blasting
06.02.2015 - Application of a fresh coating over a newly blasted tank floor without vacuuming out the abrasive left on the surface can result in an unprofessional job.
A new overview of Blast One's sand blasting capability
05.02.2015 - Blast One International specialises in the global supply of a comprehensive range of sandblasting equipment to the protective coating industries.
How to cut moist air issues in blasting
10.11.2014 - During any tank job, the newly blasted surface is required to be left unpainted overnight or over a weekend.
17 ways to blast clean tank floors faster
06.11.2014 - After any blasting process, it is important to remove all the spent abrasive from the tank before moving on to the next stage of the job.
Five advantages of using compressed dry air
15.10.2014 - Blasting contractors should use dry air from a compressed air dryer to increase blasting efficiency by as much as 15 per cent.
Using the right abrasives to increase project efficiency
30.01.2014 - Sandblasting equipment is typically used by many industries to properly prepare various surfaces before application of protective coatings.
The difference abrasive quality makes in blasting
13.12.2013 - Proper surface preparation with top quality abrasives is essential to ensure excellent results from coating systems for the long-term.
The importance of dust collection on construction sites
10.12.2013 - Mobile dust collectors from BlastOne are designed to make dust collection at construction, maintenance and painting sites more convenient.
Sandblasting for your industry
11.11.2013 - Sandblasting is an indispensable industrial process, used on all sorts of materials including cement, glass and fibre glass to produce quality work.
Advantages of water blasting
24.06.2013 - Water blasting is increasingly being used in applications traditionally dominated by sandblasting techniques.
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