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The importance of dust collection on construction sites

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Mobile dust collectors from BlastOne are designed to make dust collection at construction, maintenance and painting sites more convenient, thanks to their ease of use and transportability.

Emerging trends in environmental protection and preservation indicate stricter rules for air pollution control at construction and maintenance sites, particularly where abrasive blasting is done. This is largely because materials that were used to construct older structures may contain particles that are hazardous to the surroundings and harmful to humans if inhaled. Since sandblasting may cause these particles to be transmitted in the air, containment structures and air filtration systems have been made mandatory for work sites. 

Dust collectors are an important part of these systems, as they collect dust and other airborne pollutants, creating a safe environment for workers and associated trades.

Operators of abrasive blasting equipment are at risk of exposure to contaminants in the air, resulting in respiratory illnesses, difficulty in breathing and nausea. Frequent and prolonged exposure to such pollutants may even lead to more serious, long-term illnesses and damage to the nervous system. Builders and construction companies need to address these concerns by providing adequate safety clothing and equipment for their personnel, including employing a mobile dust collector onsite to maintain breathing quality air within the work area, minimising the risk of inhalation of dangerous particles as well as improving visibility. Workplace safety now includes providing a suitable working environment that is not hazardous to the health of workers onsite.

Mobile dust collectors from BlastOne can be powered by diesel or electricity, allowing flexibility based on the available power resources in the area. Their mobility allows the equipment to be more easily placed in areas that are convenient within a site. The high suction power is capable of drawing in and cleaning large volumes of air at a time. 

Contaminated air enters the dust collector via the inlet ducts, from where heavy particles in the air are made to drop out of the air stream, immediately reducing the pollutants. As the air moves through the mobile dust collector, it is made to pass through a series of ultra-fine filters, which remove small particles and dust present in the air. The clean air is then exhausted from the machine, while the solid particles are deposited into a collector and stored ready for expelling through the dust outlet. From here, the dust particles can be easily transferred to a proper waste disposal receptacle.

Key benefits of BlastOne mobile dust collectors include reduced level of air contaminants and pollution in the air creating a safe and healthy work environment; greater visibility for sandblaster machine operators and other trades; and better environments to accomplish jobs such as painting by having the area clear of unwanted dust particles.

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