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Sandblasting for your industry

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Sandblasting is an indispensable industrial process, used on all sorts of materials including cement, glass and fibre glass to produce quality work. 

Sandblasting is the process of thrusting very small particles of sand or other materials to etch a surface or clean it using a sandblaster and abrasives. Sand was commonly used for sandblasting; however the discovery of silicosis, a lung disease from prolonged exposure and inhalation of the dust from sand has led to the use of other types of blasting abrasives.

Blast One International employs several types of abrasives considered less hazardous than sand, including Staurolite, Armex Bi-Carb Soda, Coarse Indian Garnet, Aluminium Oxide, Plastic Media, GMA Garnet, Tempered Steel Grit, and Tempered Steel Shot.

Used in various industries such as oil and gas, mining, marine and bridge refurbishment work and structural steel fabrication, sandblasting is the most sought after option when it comes to surface preparation and corrosion control.

Given the sensitive nature of industrial processes and equipment, it is important to use the best available sandblasting machines to ensure optimal work. Blast One International offers sandblasting equipment that produces excellent results in cleaning or etching surfaces.

Blasting equipment is available for various types of blasting including shot blasting and abrasive blasting. 

Blast One International also offers advice on the type of blasting equipment, abrasives or sandblasting supplies required for any specific sandblasting job. The company’s expert technical engineers can help customers properly analyse every aspect of the project, assisting them with the selection of the best sandblasting supplies, blast abrasives and sandblasters that can handle their requirements with utmost efficiency. 

Blast One International is a division of Blastmaster .

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