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Metal finishing proces from Blackfast Australia

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Blackfast Australia  specialises in providing metal finishing processes to protect carefully crafted products from oxidisation. Oxidisation helps in preventing the metal surface from further attacks. The Blackfast process is used throughout the metal working industry and is used on machinery parts, fasteners, industrial machinery and miscellaneous items.

Blackfast Australia provides room temperature blacking process from a simple dip operation. The blacking proces is specifically designed for factories. The blacking process does not materially affects dimensions and offers a uniform colouring over machined surfaces, threads and blind holes. Blacking is achieved by chemical conversion of the metal surface and the process consists of degreasing, immersion in a surface conditioner and blacking solution. Corrosion protection is achieved by a final immersion in dewatering oil.

Blackfast Australia offers a wide range of blackfast products which includes iron and steel blacking solution, antique brass, copper and pewter solution, antique zinc solution, degreasing solutions and powders, acid pickling solutions, phosphate solution, dewatering oils, rust removers and paint pre-treatment phosphates. The Blackfast process from Blackfast Australia is safe and does not cause any dimensional change and offers good corrosion resistance.

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