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Blackfast Australia offers blacking process for iron and steel

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Blackfast Australia  offers room temperature blacking process which is a safe, simple and economic solution for blacking iron and steel. The blacking process helps in creating a corrosion resistant finish without causing any dimensional change. The blacking process provides an attractive finish for machined parts that are manufactured to tight tolerances and where plating or painting is unacceptable.

The blacking process from Blackfast Australia helps in absorbing wax, oil or rust preventative sealants to give corrosion protection. The Blackfast process offers a durable black finish which helps in enhancing the appearance and value of a wide range of manufactured articles. The Blackfast process offers safety by reducing light glare from moving tooling or machinery and contributes to operator safety.

The Blackfast process from Blackfast Australia operates at room temperature and offers a low energy operating cost. The Blackfast solution has a safe and easy chemical addition, offers non-fuming baths and does not result in heat distortion of parts.

Blackfast Australia provides a new chromium-free conversion coating which is a replacement for traditional pre-treatments on aluminium, iron and steel. The chromium-free conversion coating offers long bath life and improved corrosion resistance.

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