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Aluminium blacking process from Blackfast Australia

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Blackfast Australia  offers blackfast products for iron and steel blacking, aluminium blacking, antiquing and paint pre treatment process.

Blackfast Australia offers an easy to use room temperature blacking process for cast and machined aluminium. The blacking process includes degreasing, etching, immersion in a surface conditioner and blacking solution. The blackfast process is a simple dip process that can be used for single items or batch work. The process does not require any preparation and offers reduced energy costs and quick start up without causing any hazardous fumes. The Blackfast solution has a concentrated liquid that helps in low chemical usage and hence is very efficient and cost effective.

The Blackfast solution control from Blackfast Australia is simple to use and replenishment is obtained by topping-up. Compared to other systems, dumping is not required in the Blackfast process. The Blackfast process is convenient and can be located anywhere without the need for ventilation or complicated control procedure. The solutions are stable, reliable and easy to maintain. The black surface helps in absorbing wax, oil or rust preventative sealants to give corrosion protection.

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