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Patties gets the recipe right with Bizcaps BRM Recipe Manager software

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Australian food manufacturer Patties uses a recipe management software from Bizcaps Pty Ltd for product development and labelling in line with Australia’s rapidly-changing food labelling environment.  

Based in Bairnsdale, Victoria, Patties supplies supermarkets and retailers across the nation with meals and desserts including iconic brands such as Four'N Twenty Pies, Herbert Adams, Chef's Pride and Creative Gourmet as well as Patties and Nanna’s frozen desserts.  

Patties uses the Bizcaps BRM Recipe Manager software for ingredient management, helping them quickly accommodate changes in the development of new products.  

Jake Lowing, New Product Development Manager for Patties Foods says that the Bizcaps system is an integral part of Patties’ product development and labelling processes.  

He explains that Recipe Manager delivers data integrity, allowing Patties to easily track different formulations from concept to sign off during product development.  

Jake adds that in addition to traceable version control, the Bizcaps BRM Recipe Manager system allows them to produce an initial Nutrition Information Panel (NIP) and assess the cost along the way.  

Recent changes to the Nutrition NIP following the Blewett review mean that all food manufacturers must now include information on ingredients such as fibre and salt in a strictly specified way.  

Recipe Manager also allows several departments to work on each product simultaneously.  

Patties has been using the Bizcaps system for over six years with every new concept, new package or new product beginning its journey in Recipe Manager.

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