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Available now from Bizcaps , Eziform entry level GS1net publishing is a data management system designed to allow users to provide customers with the data need in the desired format, all from a single application.

While Eziform data management software may be complicated behind the scenes, users will see the information in a simple form layout, that once understood should provide data to trading partners in the way they want it. This may be via GS1net (to which Eziform uploads automatically) or using a retailer specification form.

Eziform data management software works very simply. Firstly, users add their own company information, then their customer’s information, and finally their product information. The system uses this information when sending data to trading partners to populate the different forms and GS1net fields as required.

Apart from the Help and an explanation of GS1net and what is required for companies to use GS1net, the Eziform data management system is based on just three tabs of information; Company Details, Customer Details, and Products.

  • Company Details
    • information needed to provide company details and brand names to customers in the right way
    • set up how the system configures information to minimise having to repeat data during input
  • Customer Details
    • where trading terms and market areas for each retailer are set up
  • Products
    • where product records are updated
    • information is displayed in a simple format, separated into sections for pricing, product information, packaging configuration and dangerous goods information
    • designed so information can be set up in the system at the start of activities and then applied to multiple products to reduce input time and help keep data consistent and accurate.
Packaging configuration is also available to detail specific packaging specifications, as well as dangerous goods configuration to apply dangerous goods classifications to products.

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