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Bizcaps Workflow Manager software helps workflow and data management

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The Bizcaps Product Lifecycle Management software, helps suppliers expedite product introductions, decrease time to market and speed first product revenue. It catalogues the product data collected in the process and can integrate with popular ERP and other systems and also with the datapool protocols such as GS1net, which are adopted by retailers. The Bizcaps Workflow Manager software helps companies define, document and control complex business processes.

A Bizcaps software solution will make efficient workflow and data management practices a natural part of the business, from the CEO to the warehouse.

The Bizcaps management team has experience in industries such as FMCG, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, retail, warehousing and distribution. This team understands customers’ business challenges and delivers business outcomes. With a skilled team of IT and industry specialists, Bizcaps provide product innovation, support, maintenance, development and project management, tightly focused on making the customer’s business work better.

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