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Bizcaps' Eziform interface helps data maintenance at GS1net

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Eziform is Bizcaps ’ entry-level GS1net catalogue maintenance programme. A simple user interface conceals a powerful validation engine “under the bonnet”. This engine is the first middleware product certified by GS1 and is a GDSN-compliant connection to GS1net that is integral to all Bizcaps catalogue products.

The simple and familiar layout of the input forms enables quick and easy access to the data, and allows the users to transfer product data to their trading partners in the way they want, whether that is through GS1net or a retailer specification form.

The product data is validated to ensure that it is compliant with GS1net validation rules. Eziform is hosted by Bizcaps, and is browser-based so data can be accessed from any machine. Eziform is an economical method of viewing and maintaining data in GS1net. Bizcaps also have a range of solutions for companies that have more sophisticated requirements such as back-end integration with other systems, multiple users, workflow and attachment of more detailed product data such as images and attachments.

Eziform is an intuitive web-based interface, using familiar industry standard fields to streamline data entry and minimise training. With no software to install or maintain, Eziform is fast and cost-effective to deploy across an entire organisation. Using internet and intranet access, the staff can use it anywhere, anytime.
Eziform uses built-in validation rules to ensure that the data is error-free and synchronised as it is keyed in, ready for multiple uses and for export to GS1net and to the trading partners. Providing instant access to up-to-date information, Eziform enables central, transparent product data storage – increasing efficiency and eliminating errors.

With just three tabbed sheets, Eziform covers all of the information that is required for the product catalogues. After entering the company data and standard settings on the ‘My Settings’ sheet, the ‘My Customers’ sheet can be updated to enter trading terms and other details for each trading partner. Eziform is already populated with details of major retailers and data entered on all sheets is validated according to GS1net or the business rules.

The final step in setting up the catalogue is to enter the product data and pricing and packaging information. The system is designed to automatically apply standards or classifications and to allow data to be input once but be pulled down from simple menus or populated automatically. This reduces data entry and increases accuracy.

Once the product information is complete, it can be published to the datapool by hitting the ‘Publish’ button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

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