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BizCom  has extensive experience in RF warehouse stock systems and throughout its 10 years in the industry has seen, on many occasions, the enormous benefits these systems have on warehouse management.

Biz.Com is a mobile computing software development and integration organisation specializing in RF warehouse and supply chain solutions. Its range of warehouse stock systems is enhanced by the use of RF wireless infrastructure and rugged wireless barcode terminals for tracking all stock movements into, within and out of warehouses.

Biz.Com’s RF warehouse stock systems cater for inventory reporting and printing of location, item or carton labels for barcode-based tracking, ensuring absolute inventory accuracy at all times. Whether you want to run a totally paperless warehouse operation or partial, Biz.Com’s RF warehouse stock systems provide powerful tools for optimised picking, directed put-away and overall increased throughput.

Access points connect to handheld devices and track item receipts and movements by bar-coded location move operations. Data collected is wirelessly transmitted to Biz.Com’s warehouse management server and then automatically integrated with ERP/host system.

Biz.Com manages the total RF warehouse stock system implementation, from PDA hardware devices, to software application and integration with ERP/host systems. Together with this they can also provide technical expertise to survey sites to ascertain optimum wireless network configuration for a particular warehouse environment and determine installation costs.

RF warehouse stock systems increase overall stock accuracy and visibility and improves productivity while providing greater customer service by reducing order to delivery timeframe. These are just a few of the many benefits seen by removing paper based methods and automating warehouse operations.

Biz.Com also provides a range of rugged label printers for generation of various label formats. Printing incorporated with RF warehouse stock systems further enhances total solution.

Biz.Com is one of the leaders in mobile computing, designing and developing enterprise systems that leverage the power of barcode scanning technology and wireless communications networks. Its RF warehouse stock systems; Biz.WMS, Biz.Pack and Biz.Despatch are among a suite of supply chain management systems available.

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