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New field sales solution from Biz.Com

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The implementation of Biz.Sales from BizCom , a mobile computing field sales solution has transformed the field sales activities of numerous Australian companies. Positively impacting employees, management and customers, the field sales solution has dramatically increased productivity, reduced costs and subsequently increased revenues.

Operating on a handheld mobile computer (PDA), the field sales solution more efficiently manages field operations, replacing the paper based ordering methods which are cumbersome and error prone. Field staff can now have more time with customers: they can serve more customers and provide better overall customer service by performing their tasks electronically.

Instead of pushing paper, field staff now push buttons and sales order information collected at the point of action is transmitted wirelessly and integrates directly with host ERP systems. The field sales solution exchanges data in a timely and accurate manner between field and office locations.

The field sales solution equips field operators with the right tools for the task, which reduces the time it takes for them to respond to customers. Field sales operators have on-the-spot access to crucial information, such as pricing, stock on hand and financial and purchasing history.

Having this type of information on hand not only improves customer service and efficiency of visit but frees up administration staff and customer service back in the office. They are no longer required to answer these common queries such as stock on hand but their time can be utilised elsewhere.

Not only is the work for the accounts and administration departments made easier, the field sales solution also provides sales managers with instant access to market information and, if required, can react quickly to changing market conditions.

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