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Mobility solution to manage route accounting activities from Biz.Com

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A mobility solution developed by Biz.Com to manage route accounting activities is attracting attention from Australian companies within the route trade industry. The increasing demands on operators are forcing them to seek route trade solutions to more effectively manage their route processes and facilitate business growth.

Biz.Route was developed by Biz.Com in response to companies needs to refine and automate processes and make the day-to-day activities of route trade operators, warehouse managers and finance staff less complicated while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.

Peters & Brown and KR Castlemaine are companies currently benefiting from Biz.Route which integrates with existing ERP/host systems. Acknowledging that each company has unique processes, Biz.Route is built with flexibility making the system easily adaptable to suit the requirements of individual companies.

A comprehensive solution built with functionality to perform all route trade activities via a pocket PC handheld device; Call cycle management, processing orders and credits, accessing purchasing history and printing of invoices/delivery dockets are among the features of the system.

Manual processes are costing companies in resources, time and errors and human productivity really has reached its limit. Providing route trade operators with the right tool to manage tasks and deal with any issues on-the-spot increases their efficiency and effectiveness in the field. A route accounting solution in their hands is a valuable tool which also positively impacts employees back in the office and customers. Together with this is the increased capacity of operators to make an extra stop or two each day or take more time with existing customers expanding product line and increasing sales volume.

A route trade mobile solution expands capabilities without necessarily having to add personnel. A route trade mobile solution empowers route operators and logistics teams, eliminating the paper trail and improving order fulfillment capability and accuracy.

Biz.Com is a leader in mobile computing, designing and developing enterprise systems that leverage the power of barcode scanning technology and wireless communications networks. Biz.Route is Biz.Com’s route trade mobile computing system from a suite of supply chain management systems.

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