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Handheld mobility solutions from BizCom

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BizCom  is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in handheld mobility solutions across the supply chain. They provide software development and integration of mobility solutions for all barcode, transaction driven markets.

BizCom’s mobility solutions extend the capability of host/ERP systems to a mobile environment. Their solutions seamlessly interface with numerous enterprise systems to provide customers with a total integrated mobility solution.

BizCom entered the mobility industry designing and developing warehouse, scan packing and transport management mobility solutions for handheld PDA devices.

Since then their product suite has grown to currently consist of ten applications, proving their ability and leadership in the mobility and wireless solutions industry.

BizCom’s mobility solutions provide full automation from field order right through to delivery. At every stage along the process there is integration and communication between handheld devices and backend host/ERP systems.

The process begins with an order taken from customer’s site out in the field and then the order is sent via GPRS (mobile phone network) to head office and integrated with host system.

Once the data is integrated with back end system a customer invoice is produced. This order can then be passed through to warehouse or distributor for the packing operation and then consigned, despatched and delivered.

Mobility solutions replace the manual processes and the entire operation gains efficiency, increases order fulfilment timeframe and reduces errors.

BizCom’s mobility solutions are designed with practical experience and intimate knowledge of various industries. They continue to build on their reputation using proven development methodologies and by focusing on the specific needs of customers.

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