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BizCom provide mobility solutions for warehouse operations

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BizCom  are providers of handheld mobility solutions for warehouse tasks across the supply chain.

The services of BizCom include:

  • Software development
  • Integration services
  • Site surveys for the design and implementation of wireless LAN systems in warehouses and industrial workspaces
BizCom can coordinate everything from the site survey to implementation and give companies mobility in warehouse environments at locations worldwide.

As a total solution provider, BizCom are involved in every step of the process ensuring a tailor-made, stable and cost effective system giving employees greater mobility in warehouse tasks.

BizCom staff visit the location and assess the wireless LAN requirements for the site, factoring in layout, equipment, interference and use.

Once requirements are determined, BizCom recommend and also arrange for installation of Motorola wireless access points specifically designed for industry use.

BizCom offer a complete selection of Motorola access points, antennas and accessories to ensure optimal coverage and performance for 802.11a/b/g wireless LANs, regardless of the size or layout of the environment, from a small office to multiple-site, indoor and outdoor deployments.

By combining these LAN solutions with Motorola’s ruggedized mobile data devices, BizCom offer comprehensive end-to-end wireless LAN solutions giving mobility in warehouse environments that is reliable and stable at the point of activity.

BizCom’s tailor-made propriety software systems can be capitalised on wireless LAN networks within the warehouse to give mobility in warehouse tasks such as picking and receiving stock checks using barcodes.

BizCom’s handheld software is designed to run on Motorola’s range of rugged handheld computers such as the MC9000 range, offering wireless mobility to workers throughout the warehouse.

The warehouse systems developed by BizCom replace the arduous and error prone paper based methods, eliminating the paper trail and improving operations and warehouse accuracy.

With BizCom’s warehouse management systems, companies are able to use a single database and central server to grant mobility in warehouses around the globe.

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