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BizCom mobile system aiding in-field operating services

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article image BizCom’s two mobile computing solutions effectively manage sales and service personnel in the field

BizCom offers two mobile computing solutions for companies to effectively manage sales and service personnel in the field.

While Biz.Service is a mobile computing solution designed to help companies manage their field service technicians, Biz.Sales meets the needs of businesses operating with sales teams on the road.

Biz.Service mobile computing solution

Biz.Service from BizCom is a field service mobile computing solution that helps companies stay competitive by meeting their customers’ expectations.

Created for the field service industry, Biz.Service enables effective management of day-to-day tasks by connecting field workers to head office systems in real time. A Biz.Service solution is comprised of a Motorola mobile computer and a customised software package integrated with the user’s current management systems and accounting packages. 

Key capabilities of Biz.Service facilitate efficient processes, accurate and timely billing, and effective staff and inventory management for the field service business. Biz.Service functions include real time allocation of jobs; live job status; mobile quoting and invoicing; inventory management; signature capture; mobile payments; GPS; and mobile printing.

Biz.Service offers an end-to-end solution from producing invoices to accurate billing of parts and labour, eliminating the double and triple handling of paperwork, and making administrative processes more accurate and prompt.

By recording information directly into mobile computers, the mobile computing solution eliminates numerous phone calls, double and triple entry of data, and wasteful travel to and from the head office, saving the time of both field workers and office workers, and also reducing the billing cycle and risk of misplacing paperwork.

Biz.Service allows the user to track job status in real time, allocate jobs for field technicians from head office and pre-plan daily job routes, to better manage field technicians across the organisation.

Biz.Service’s inventory management capabilities ensure full visibility on stock movement in the office or the field, reducing downtime and making sure stock is always available. 

Biz.Com has partnered with Motorola to ensure that each solution is provided with an extensive range of industry leading robust hardware. 

The Biz.Service mobile computing solution is tailored to the client company’s specified business needs and can support workforces, large or small.

Biz.Sales mobile computing solution

Biz.Com’s Biz.Sales solution enables a company’s mobile sales force to connect with the information they need no matter their location. 

By ensuring real time data is only seconds away, Biz.Sales makes it easy for busy sales representatives on the road to access real-time information, process sales and send data back to head office from virtually anywhere.

Using Biz.Sales, mobile sales personnel can complete call reports simply and easily and send them to the head office; process sales orders/invoices and send them to head office from anywhere; view customer information (purchasing and financial history); access on-the-spot stock on hand, pricing and product information; manage call cycle scheduling; and get reminders of latest deals to promote.  

The Biz.Sales solution delivers multiple business benefits by: enabling sales reps to have up-to-date information at their fingertips; significantly reducing order to fulfilment timeframe; simplifying order processing and reducing errors; facilitating head office’s instant access to daily market information without the need for collation of call reports; allowing reps to focus on serving customers and growing sales; reducing paperwork for reps to allow more customer visits per day; and increasing overall revenue.

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