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Biz.Tracker mobile computing solution from Biz.Com

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Track and trace mobile computing systems are giving transport and courier company’s access to real-time data, which is vital to success in remaining responsive, competitive and focused on better customer service. Biz.Tracker, a handheld mobile computing solution developed by Biz.Com , enables companies to be more effective, increasing productivity and lowering operating costs by knowing who is driving what, when and where.

Track and trace mobile computing improves operations of tracking freight, assigning and controlling jobs and meeting stringent KPI’s by moving job management functions out of vehicles and into the hands of drivers.

Real-time job dispatch to drivers, walkers and cyclists, electronic signatures for proof of delivery, scanning of freight labels and migration of data into existing back office systems are all now achievable through track and trace mobile computing systems.

Drivers carry mobile computers with in-built scanners on them at all times, which means they have constant access to up-to-date information on incoming jobs. Receiving important information instantly saves drivers time and a lot of running around. This increase in efficiency through track and trace mobile computing, results in the completion of more deliveries and all within the demanding time constraints.

All job and freight activity is recorded in a Microsoft-SQL database allowing for comprehensive web-based track and trace facilities.

Mobile computing is fast becoming essential for companies, and features of this track and trace system include: management of express-freight consignments including barcode tracking of parcels attached to a consignment, job control for ad-hoc courier services, which caters for vehicle based as well as bicycle and foot couriers, and tracking of contract services work including barcode tracking of all articles collected and delivered.

Biz.Com is a leader in mobile computing, designing and developing enterprise systems that leverage the power of barcode scanning technology and wireless communications networks. Biz.Tracker is their track and trace mobile computing application from a suite of supply chain management systems.

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