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Biz.Service mobile computing solutions from BizCom for the field service industry

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BizCom presents the Biz.Service, an innovative mobile computing solution for the field service industry that automates various manual processes for greater organisational efficiency.

Biz.Service mobile computing solutions help businesses build more efficient processes into their organisational framework from managing staff to tracking stock, eliminating paperwork and maximising income.

Partnering with Motorola to ensure that their solutions are integrated with robust hardware, BizCom assures results including more efficient processes, maximised income, better staff management and effective inventory management with Biz.Service mobile computing solutions.

Flexible and affordable, each Biz.Service mobile computing solution is tailored to the specific needs of the customer’s business.

Efficient processes

Biz.Service mobile computing solutions cover everything from producing invoices to accurate billing of parts and labour, eliminating the double and triple handling of paperwork while making administrative processes more accurate and timely.

Maximising income

Biz.Service mobile computing solutions record information directly into mobile computers, eliminating phone calls, double and triple entry of data as well as wasteful travel time to and from the head office.  

Biz.Service saves precious time for field workers and office workers while reducing the billing cycle and risk of losing paperwork.

Manage staff effectively

Biz.Service mobile computing solutions enable tracking job status in real time, allocating jobs for field technicians from head office and pre-planning daily job routes, allowing better management of field staff across the organisation.

Inventory management

Biz.Service gives the ability to see all movements of stock at the head office or onsite, reducing downtime and making sure the necessary stock is available when required. 

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