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Various customised optical filters from WDM Optical Networks

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Bitline System fabricates customised optical filters for applications in the state-of-the-art optical fibre communication networks.

Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) is the key technique in enabling ultra-wide bandwidth transmission in optical networks. Various optical filters are widely used in such networks to manipulate the wavelengths and channels.

In addition to Bitline System’s standard DWDM and CWDM multimplexer modules, Bitline System provides thin-film filter based WDM filter devices that are customised to the particular wavelength bands for the systems.

Following are two typical WDM filter devices that Bitline System provides:

Red band filter - Red band filter is a 1x2 ports component that separates/combines two wavelength windows, one is centered at 1310nm with 100nm window width and the other covering the whole C and L bands with 140nm window width. Using this filter, the red bands (i.e. C and L bands) can be separated from or combined with the 1310nm window.

1310nm narrow band filter - 1310nm narrow band filter is used to separate the 1310nm channel with narrow bandwidth from the wide 1310nm transmission window. The bandwidth of the 1310nm channel can be customised, such as +/-1nm or other bandwidths that the customer requires. The 1310nm window covers from 1270nm to 1355nm.

Other types of filters can also be designed and fabricated.


  • Redband filter - broad operating wavelength range, covering 100nm around 1310nm and 1550nm.
  • 1310nm narrow band filter - narrow 1310nm channel
  • Low insertion loss
  • Low PDL, PMD
  • High isolation


  • Optical networks
  • WDM optical systems
  • R&D projects

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