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article image Animated still photography has a wide range of applications

AS customers become increasingly sophisticated when receiving promotional or advertising material, innovative design is vital. Bison Photography has developed a new use for its images- multimedia.

Animated still photography can now deliver a message in a visually unique way. Bison Photography offers a content and development service that can be tailored to meet any media requirements and budget, whatever the project size.

Working with many channels to market, BISON can assist in designing and implementing the right message through interactive DVD campaigns and high visual impact mail.

Bison Photography’s designers are experienced in developing content that is eye-catching, user-friendly and interactive with the sole aim of maximising its reach, impact and return on investment.

The company understands that the ultimate goal is content and delivery that maximises marketing productivity, cost effectiveness and delivers results.

Service options include content authoring (scripting), content structuring, graphic and interface design, multimedia design, animation, video production and audio production.

Content development applications include multimedia CD production, DVD presentation, powerpoint presentation, web development, product and service demos, invitations and digital 'business cards'.

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