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UtiliTrak linear guides available from Bishop Wisecarver Corporation

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article image UtiliTrak linear guides are particularly suited to applications where smooth high speed motion is essential

Available from Bishop Wisecarver Corporation , UtiliTrak linear guides provide a narrow, compact profile solution that is particularly suited to a wide range of environments where smooth, high speed motion is necessary.

UtiliTrak linear guides are ideal for running two systems in parallel, where one slide uses DualVee guide wheels and the other uses MadeWell crowned rollers.

As precise parallelism can be difficult to achieve, it is not uncommon for mounting surfaces to be somewhat out of parallel. The design of UtiliTrak linear guides compensates for mounting errors and does not require complete parallelism for accurate operation. The DualVee guide wheel carriage assembly and vee channel serves as the motion side, while the MadeWell crowned roller and open channel side allows for parallel misalignment.

New bridge connections simplify assembly, and complete the system by joining the two slides and providing a stable mounting surface.

UtiliTrak linear guides are supplied in two basic series:

  • SW Series steel guide wheels running on a hardened bearing steel channel for larger loads and smooth operation; and
  • PW Series polymer guide wheels running on an anodised aluminium channel, which provides a more economical choice for lighter duty applications where highly smooth operation is not as critical

A third option, Stainless Steel Composite UtiliTrak, is particularly suited for higher loads where corrosion resistance is necessary.

The SW Series UtiliTrak linear motion guides are ideal for medium to heavy duty transport applications, and offer high speeds, excellent load capacity, smooth antifriction operation, and debris tolerance.

The PW Series UtiliTrak linear guides is a lightweight solution for light to medium duty transport applications, and offers the low installed cost, corrosion resistance, low noise and wear resistance.

Stainless steel composite UtiliTrak is an ideal option for high load requirements where carbon steel cannot be used due to corrosion.

Further information on linear guides is available from Bishop Wisecarver Corporation.

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