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DTS positioning table systems by Bishop Wisecarver Corporation

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article image DTS positioning table systems use oval and rectangular track systems

DTS positioning table systems from Bishop Wisecarver Corporation use oval and rectangular track systems. These positioning table systems provide actuation by means of a high tensile strength timing belt and motion can be either continuous or intermittent depending on the customer’s requirements.

Carriages are often fixed to the timing belt at equal pitch lengths, and in the event that a carriage’s path is impeded, it will disengage from the drive. DTS positioning table systems can also be mounted to high strength aluminium beams. These DTS linear actuator systems are fully compatible with MCS framing. Other accessories and options include AC geared motors, IEC frame gearboxes, pulley bearing units, trip latches, and sensor mounting brackets.

Commercial DTS Positioning Table System

Commercial ring slides and tracks have hardened V surfaces, but are not ground. The commercial line is ideal for applications that do not require a high degree of precision and smoothness of motion.

Assembled Ring System

Commercial ring systems are not precision ground; however they do have hardened V faces for a long life. Gear teeth may also be cut along the inner or outer diameter to offer a means of actuation. Rings may be mounted and held stationary with a carriage that moves along the ring, or as a moving object supported by bearing assemblies. Concentric and eccentric bearing assemblies offer smooth and easy motion.

Slide Rings and Segments

Slide rings and segments have hardened 70 degree V faces manufactured from high quality steel. Rings and segments are precision ground with datum register faces. The easy and accurate installation is thanks to the precise machining. Segments are cut from complete rings and stocked in 90 degree and 180 degree segments. Other sizes of segments are available upon request. Gear teeth are available on the inner or outer diameter.

Track Systems

Two types of track, curved segments and straight segments can be combined in numerous ways to create a customised track system to follow any path. At joints between sections, adjustment keys allow finite positioning of slide segments to each other in order to ensure smooth transitions from one segment to the next.

Track System Straight Slides

Straight slides are made from high quality carbon steel with hardened V edges. Mounting surfaces as well as V edges are not ground. Standard lengths are available up to 4020 mm and lengths may be butt jointed.

Track System Curved Segments

Curved segments are created from stock 90 and 180 degree segments. Each curved segment’s ends are ground square in order to mate more easily with adjoining curved segments or straight slides.

Special Commercial Rings, Segments and Track Systems

Sometimes the standard options will just not do, which is why custom rings and segments are available to meet exact customer requirements. Whether a stainless steel ring or a non-standard diameter segment is required, Bishop Wisecarver Corporation can offer a solution.

Contact Bishop Wisecarver Corporation for further information on DTS positioning table systems.

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