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Bisplate range of steels from Bisalloy

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Bisalloy Steels manufactures Bisplate, a range of high strength structural and wear resistant quenched and tempered steels as well as high hardness armour plate.

Bisalloy  structural steel grades are produced to guaranteed tensile properties and charpy impact toughness. Brinell hardness is recorded for information. Bisalloy Bisplate high hardness wear structural steel grades are produced to minimum Brinell hardness levels, tensile and impact tests are generally waived for these types of steels.

Just as the good reputation of Bisalloy continues to grow stronger and taller each day, so do the buildings and multitude of other constructions now made possible by Bisplate structural steel grades. Bisalloy's range of high strength structural steel sets free the modern designer's imagination and opens up exciting new possibilities.

The increased strength of Bisplate means that engineers and architects can now design and write specifications for structures which only a few years ago would have been impossible to build. Bisplate now makes it possible to build taller towers, span larger rooms, specify smaller columns while actually reducing the amount of steel needed thereby also reducing the time and cost of construction.

Reductions in structural steel frame weight leads to savings on foundations, fabrication and construction costs. The benefits of Bisplate reach far beyond the construction site. Equipment such as dump truck bodies, storage bins, hoppers and chutes can now be manufactured with an overall lighter weight whilst still maintaining the same strength.

Other benefits include lower material, fabrication and freight costs plus easier handling. Bisalloy structural steel touches the lives of millions of people in different areas like mining, construction, cranage, lifting gear and pressure vessel tankers.

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