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MSR electronics introduces new MSR 145 series miniaturised datalogger

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MSR introduces a miniaturised datalogger, the MSR 145. The thumb-sized MSR 145 can store over 2,000,000 measurement parameters and is capable of capturing and saving a range of different physical measurements simultaneously.

The MSR 145 (MSR = Modular Signal Recorder) combines all the necessary sensors for measuring and recording important physical quantities in the small possible space.

MSR 145 has a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor with integrated thermometer, a pressure sensor with integrated thermometer and 3 axis acceleration and position sensor (X, Y and Z axes).

The measurement parameters can be transferred to a PC both during the measurement process and later.

Three further ports are available for optional use, two of which can be used as analogue inputs and one as a digital trigger input (e.g. for external sensors).

Whether as a supplement to the MSR-12 or as a stand-alone miniaturised datalogger, the new MSR 145 impresses with its robust design and versatile fields of application.

User-friendly high-tech unit:

The MSR 145 opens up unimagined possibilities in the field of measurement technology and combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly operation.

Wendelin Egli, CEO and chief developer at MSR Electronics GmbH comments: “The MSR 145 is a groundbreaking multifunctional datalogger that can be used in a multitude of applications. We develop and manufacture all equipment ourselves at our facility in Switzerland and we inspect each individual unit before it is despatched.”

“In this way we can ensure that our measurement instruments are of the very highest quality.” The high quality of manufacturing guarantees the reliability, robustness and long service life of all MSR products.

The handy unit is only 52mm long and weighs just 16g. The measurement and storage characteristics of the MSR 145 can be adjusted to suit the customer’s requirements using the MSR PC program.

Due to the integrated clock (RTC) the data from any number of MSR 145s can be merged synchronously into a single data record.

The integrated USB interface allows all measurement evaluations to be simply presented on the PC with data presented in graphic form.

Future software releases will be downloaded to the unit via the Internet as firmware.

A wide range of applications:

The datalogger’s multifunctionality makes the MSR 145 highly suitable for diverse applications in commerce and science, for example in the transport and aviation sectors, in research and development, high performance sports, engineering, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the textile industry and in environmental technology.

Furthermore, the sealed water-tight version, with its electronics module cast in silicon, has potential applications in medicine and in the food sector.

MSR electronics is represented in Australia by Birrer Industries .

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