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Linmot loop forced control introduced by Birrer

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Birrer has introduced new technology function loop force control for LinMot’s series. E1100 and E1200 servo controllers offers closed loop force control with down to 0.1N resolution.

Closed loop force control permits to apply a constant force with high precision over the whole stroke range independently from the actual position.

As the applied force is measured by a load cell and directly controlled by the servo controller, side effects like friction, slip-stick effects and temperature changes will not influence the resulting force applied to the object.

Closed loop force control also permits to apply small forces with high precision.

Servo Controller E1100/E1200 is with force control technology function. The force applied to the object is generated by the linear motor and measured in the load cell. The applied force measured in the load cell is directly feed back to the servo controller. The servo controller calculates and controls the necessary motor current for precise force control.

Applied force and motor current in a closed loop force control application during an increasing of the force set value from 240N to 241N.

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