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Linear connector motors available from Birrer Industries

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Electromagnetic linear direct drives differ from classical mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic drives by virtue of their flexible, exclusively software controls, much higher dynamics and practically unrestricted positionability.

On account of price, these linear motors have hitherto found use only on sophisticated special and precision machines.

With the advent of the LinMot family it has now become possible to exploit the technical advantages of electromagnetic linear direct drives at industrially acceptable costs.

This has been achieved through a design consistently oriented on series production, in which all functional units such as energy converter, bearings, sensors and electronics are integral parts of the drive.

In accordance with the demands of contemporary mechanical engineering, special importance has been attached to easy system integration into existing PLC, VME or PC control systems.

Linkage to higher-level control systems may be accomplished by means of analogue position signals, digital trigger signals, serial interfaces (RS232, RS485) or field bus (PROFIBUS DP, CAN-Bus).

These drives provide a linear motion straight from electrical energy, without gearing, belts or other mechanical couplings interposed.

Compared with a linear motion generated via a rotary motor with coupled spindle for example, much higher accelerations can be attained without sustaining mechanical wear.

Typical applications for LinMot P drives are linear motions as on textile, packaging, printing or assembling machines for instance.

Depending on the type, strokes up to 1460 mm with forces up to 200 N can be performed.

Besides the free positionability with repeat accuracy 0.1 mm (0.01 mm with external position sensor), the enormous self-acceleration exceeding 200 m/s2 enables cyclic motions with up to 20 strokes per second.

The connector motors are available from Birrer Industries .

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