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Dimetix FLS-C laser measuring sensors from Birrer Industries

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The Dimetix FLS-C distance measuring equipment available from Birrer Industries uses laser technology to measure absolute distances up to 500 metres without contact.  

Employing innovative laser technology, the FLS-C laser measuring sensors offer an absolute accuracy of 1mm and repeatability of 0.3mm. The accuracy is not influenced or impacted by colour change in the target object.  

Dimetix FLS-C laser measurement sensors are a range of optical distance measuring devices that can measure distances on natural and reflecting surfaces. Various features in the Dimetix FLS-C make it flexible for multiple cost-effective applications in numerous industries such as mining, automotive, paper, metal and textile.  

The maintenance-free laser distance sensors determine positions of objects that are difficult to access or may have very high surface temperatures. The laser sensors can also easily and accurately, measure distances in hostile environments, even at extreme temperatures as low as -40ºC.   

Designed robustly for use in heavy industrial and outdoor applications, Dimetix FLS-C laser measuring sensors feature a solid metal case and provide class IP65 environmental protection. 

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