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BIOLOGICAL Oil Removal has introduced the ReKRETE Waterless Concrete Cleaner. This is an easy and environmentally friendly way to clean oil stained concrete.

Instead of soaps and detergents to wash the oil away, the product uses natural enzymes to breakdown the complex oil molecules into simple, harmless substances.

Oil dripped by cars, trucks and machinery create stains that are ugly, a slip hazard and pollute the storm water system.

ReKRETE is able to quickly and simply solve these problems. A demonstration, which only takes a few minutes, shows that ReKRETE Waterless Concrete Cleaner - a fine gray powder - is simply poured on the concrete and swept over the stain with a broom.

Initially the powder simply covers the stain, but, being so fine, it also gets deep into the pores of the concrete where, over time, the enzymes breakdown the oil.

The ReKRETE Waterless Concrete Cleaner is sold widely in the USA and Europe.

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