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RFM900 refractometers available from Biolab (Aust)

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Bellingham + Stanley are known for providing accurate, efficient and application specific measurement technology for pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food industries. To meet the stringent needs of pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other industry sectors requiring a measurement range of up to 1.70RI, Biolab (Aust) have introduced the new Bellingham + Stanley RFM900 series refractometers with Peltier temperature control.

The RFM900 series offers additional features such as RFID, Kalrez gasket, shallow prism dish with sapphire prism and software, allowing operation in an FDA regulated environment all as standard.

Peltier control, with intelligent thermal management, only allows the sample reading to be displayed when both temperature and sample are stable. Designed as a replacement for the RFM800 series, the new RFM900 series of refractometers combine latest opto-electronic principles with durability and ease of use.

RFM900 refractometers feature RFID (radio frequency identification) that allows users to identify themselves by swiping a tag across the top of the instrument to enable measurement and in certain cases, access to the configuration menu.

Pharmaceutical: ‘Pharmacopoeia’ is the quality standard for all companies concerned with research, development and manufacturing or testing of medicinal substances that are used throughout the world today. Importantly, Pharmacopoeia contains reference values including refractive index and optical/specific rotation for raw materials as well as specific analytical tests for finished products (called nomograms). The new RFM900 refractometers conforms to US, European and UK Pharmacopoeia and can be formatted to control data in accordance with FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11, making it suitable for use in restricted areas such as in the pharmaceutical industry.

Petrochemical: For the precision measurement of RI in various petrochemical substances, the use of a Kalrez gasket and sapphire prism facilitates placement in the harshest measurement environments such as the petrochemical industry. In addition, Peltier temperature control and intelligent temperature management also ensures that readings are taken when the sample and refractometer temperatures are both stable. Test methods are in compliance with ASTM Methods for Refractometry for the petrochemical industry.

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