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One thermometer for many applications

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article image The Testo Quicktemp 826.

TESTO Quicktemp 826, available from Selby Biolab , is a two-in-one thermometer for both quick non-contact surface temperature measurement and core temperature measurement.

Some people say quick temperature measurement without any damage is ideal, others prefer to know core temperature. In the food industry most people would prefer to have both options on hand.

The surface temperature between -50°C and 400°C is measured in less than a second using the infra-red side of the instrument. The laser pointer helps better aiming.

On the other side there is a penetration probe with 2mm thin measuring tip for fast core temperature measurement (just a few seconds) in the range of -50°C to 230°C.

A small pre-borer is included for measurements on frozen food. The patented Topsafe plastic case protects the instrument from dirt, impact and splashes.

The case can be removed and it is dishwasher-safe. The robust plastic housing with large display fits into a pocket and, in addition, there is a belt holder with protection cup, which alternatively, can be fixed on the wall. The waterproof cover protection is rated IP67 .

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