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Wastewater systems from Bio Septic

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Established in the year 1992, Bio Septic has been engaged in manufacturing, supplying and servicing aerated wastewater treatment systems for household purposes. Bio Septic focuses on providing high quality products and services in order to provide economical and environmental waste water solutions. Bio Septic systems aim at providing aerated wastewater treatment systems so as to provide solutions to household wastewater.

Apart from providing smart Bio Septic systems, Bio Septic also provides regular maintenance services. This service is provided once in three months. The first service is rendered as soon as the system is commissioned and there after regular services is provided. The Bio Septic team assures proper working of the Bio Septic system after every service.

The service team at Bio Septic provides various checks while servicing the system. This includes topping up chlorine tablets, cleaning the air blower filter, testing of irrigation pump, testing the low air pressure air alarm and high level water alarm to name a few. Other regular servicing involves testing the clarity of the water, acidity of the water and testing the residual chlorine. These services offered by Bio Septic are at reasonable rates.

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