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Varieties of wastewater systems from Bio Septic

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Bio Septic  offers a wide range of smart and reliable wastewater systems. Bio Septic focuses on converting wastewater into odourless clear water making it suitable for lawns and gardens. The PERFORMA 2000 AWTS consists of an integrated alarm system, chlorine disinfection provision, a basic irrigation system and two tanks. This product in environment friendly and is certified by the NSW Health Department.

The usage of this system results in 97% reduction of organic waste, 99.99% reduction of faecal coliforms and 98% reduction in suspended solids. The PERFORMA 2000 AWTS system can treat up to 2000 liters per day

The JUMBO 3500 AWTS from Bio Septic is designed to suit high water loads over short period of time. It is best suited for larger homes and dual occupancies. The system consists of an irrigated alarm system and all other features seen in PERFORMA 2000 AWTS. This system can treat up to 355 litres per day.

The ENTERTAINER 4500 AWTS is suitable for application in small schools, reception venues, camping grounds, childcare centers and the like. It is also designed to suit high water loads over a short period of time. This system is a three tank system that will treat up to 4500 litres per day.

Other wastewater systems offered by Bio Septic include HI-Flo, pump to sewer, and pump out. These systems can also be custom designed to match the requirements of the customers.

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