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Sewage systems from Bio Septic

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Bio Septic  offers a sewage treatment system to process and recycle the household wastewater into odourless clear water to irrigate the garden. The Bio Septic system treats the waste water that has drained into the septic tank from toilets, bathrooms and kitchens. The solid water will settle in the septic tank and the wastewater is collected in the aeration tank.

The aeration tank consists of two chambers to diffuse air so as to incorporate bacteria into the tank. The bacterial activity reduces the sewage into carbon dioxide and water. At the later stage chlorine is added to remove the pathogens that have survived the aeration process. The water is thus made suitable for irrigating the garden.

Bio Septic is committed in providing wastewater systems to match the requirements of the customers. This system recycles the wastewater into clear, odourless water, making it environment friendly. The aeration tanks and the internal chambers of the system are made out of concrete that is AS 1546.1 certified. This concrete enables to maintain a stable temperature and enhances the bacterial activity by providing a suitable environment. Bio Septic also provides systems with large capacity for better treatment.

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