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Sourcing sustainable packaging solutions made from biodegradable materials? Try BioPak

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article image BioNet is manufactured using a starch based biopolymer, and can be easily extruded using existing equipment
This article is the fourth in a new series by Ferret.com.au focussing on practical ways manufacturers can reduce packaging use and embrace more environmentally sustainable packaging materials in warehouses, factories and distribution centres.

Part three, which discusses sustainable packaging for chilled and frozen goods, can be found by clicking here.

While for most established packaging companies the introduction of the first National Packaging Covenant required a fundamental reassessment of the way in which they sourced, processed and disposed of packaging materials, some in the market have embraced sustainability as a key business goal from the outset.

One such company is BioPak, which was established with the aim of providing packaging solutions "while serving broader missions of environmental stewardship, social justice and consumer education."

The company supplies a wide range of versatile, biodegradable packaging products derived from annually renewable resources, including:
  • plastic resin
  • film
  • adhesives
  • labels; and
  • other related packaging consumables all derived from annually renewable resources.
Further, BioPak places an impetus on sourcing ecologically compatible raw materials that do not negatively affect the economic, social or practical usefulness of its products.

The company's BioNet sustainable packaging netting, for example, took two years to develop in conjunction with a local net extrusion company. While developing this product, BioPak trialled a number of different biopolymer blends until a suitable material was found.

The starch based biopolymer was selected as it is easily extruded using existing equipment, and produces a net that meets all the functional requirements of traditional extruded net packaging.

The Packaging Council of Australia notes that this material is certified industrial or commercial compostable to European Standard EN13432 which means that it will break down into CO2, water and biomass in a compost facility within 180 days.

A versatile product, BioNet has excellent tensile strength, and is available in a variety of colours, tube diameters and strand gauges.

It is an effective replacement for conventional extruded net suitable for use in:
  • produce packaging
  • seafood packaging
  • horticulture; and
  • industrial environments as gas cylinder netting.

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