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Ladybird Organics uses Biopak’s biodegradable flow wrap film for packaging

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BioFilm is a fully biodegradable packaging product made from starch, which micro-organisms convert into CO2 and H2O during composting.

BioFilm is not only naturally biodegradable; it also has perfect packaging qualities.

When wrapped in breathable BioFilm, fresh produce stays fresh longer and the packaging’s crackling sound enhances the freshness impression.

BioFilms high gloss and transparency also add to the appeal of fresh produce.

Back-to-nature packaging with big benefits for your produce, building on its reputation for innovation and customer convenience, Melbourne based Ladybird Organics are packaging their range of lettuce in biodegradable flow wrap film, supplied by BioPak.

BioPak is helping Ladybird Organics capitalise on the increasing consumer demand for both conveniently packaged fresh produce, as well as for the innovation that help them make more environmentally responsible purchases.

BioFilm offers performance that is competitive with traditional plastics, it also offers a significant brand advantage.

BioPak’s PLA film provides retailers with a natural and convenient packaging solution for their customers. At first glance, consumers view BioFilm PLA packaging as just another plastic.

Once they find out it is made from maize, however, consumers find the package and the product inside even more appealing.

Richard Fine, BioPak CEO, is convinced that this film will meet with great enthusiasm among food producers and end users alike.

“I believe that the BioFilm product features and sustainability will lead to it being widely used as packaging for fresh produce.”

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