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BioPak releases compostable and biodegradable packaging film material

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BioPak has released an all new fully compostable and biodegradable packaging film material with food contact approval.

This revolutionary new packaging film material is based on a blend of starch and PLA and is certified as biodegradable. This material is also certified for compostability (dependent on material thickness / gauge) to EN:13432 and DIN CERTCO standards.

The film material is highly flexible, has good gas barrier properties and can be used for a wide range of packaging, including food.

This compostable material is easily thermoformable at low temperature and can be used in a wide range of applications.

A viable alternative to using non biodegradable packaging films.

When these products made from plant materials have fulfilled their role, they are composted and release nutrients back into the soil, and so the cycle repeats.

There are four films types available:

  • 111 transparent film single side sealable
  • 121 transparent film both sides sealable
  • 521 white film both sides sealable
  • 130 metallized film enhanced light moisture and gas barrier

BioPak films can be converted by flexographic and rotogravure processes. A high, constant wettability is given by the film itself, even without corona treatment. This high wettability will not decrease with time.

Printing on BioPak films is recommended with nitrocellulose based inks. Water-based inks are also suitable. The films are resistant to alcohol and water but are affected by ethyl-acetate. BioPak films shows swelling if they comes into contact with ethyl-acetate short term and will dissolve if it is in longer contact.

Because of the heat sensitivity of the films, the drying temperature needs to be reduced to the lowest possible temperature. Opposed to this, the air flow to dry the inks needs to be increased.

The BioPak food contact films are non-toxic and may be used in direct contact with all types of foodstuff. Their use for wrapping food for human consumption is permitted unconditionally, and they present no health or safety hazards when used for this purpose. The films comply with the appropriate food-contact regulations of the EU Member States, the USA and most other countries throughout the world in which specific food-contact regulations are in force.

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