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BioPak introduces biodegradable food packaging trays

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article image AgroResin biodegradable food packaging trays

BioPak  has introduced new AgroResin, 100% biodegradable food packaging trays.

AgroResin food packaging trays are 100% Biodegradable, 100% compostable and non-GMO. 

Innovated by Singapore-based Grenidea Technologies Pte Ltd AgroResin food packaging trays are made from agricultural fibrous biomass (i.e. cotton residue, rice straw, oil palm production residue), after harvest of key food/oil ingredient.

AgroResin, being a global registered trademark, communicates the business philosophy that Grenidea develops, grows and expands AgroResin business via bonding with nature.

BioPak is Grenidea’s exclusive Australia and New Zealand sales and marketing agent.

In addition to AgroResin packaging, BioPak has 100% biodegradable labels and flow wrap film that can be utilised in combination with the AgroResin trays.

The combination of AgroResin biodegradable trays, labels and biodegradable flow wrap film, allows BioPak to promote a complete biodegradable packaging solution to their customer base.

Fruit and vegetable packaging trays can now be fully biodegradable and like the actual produce they contain, can return to the soil and decompose quite naturally.

The use of biodegradable packaging is slowly replacing oil-based materials for packaging fresh produce particularly organic ranges.

At the moment fresh produce is biodegradable packaging big niche. There are various reasons for this; the performance properties of biodegradable packaging are ideally suited to fresh produce and it also provides retailers with the opportunity to target a specific, environmentally-conscious consumer group.

Biodegradable packaging and organic fruit go hand-in-hand as both are environmentally friendly products. The type of customer that buys fresh, organic produce is the type of customer that is more interested in the environmental benefits of biodegradable packaging and is willing to pay a little extra to preserve it.

Coles is one of the Australian retailers to begin using Agro Resin trays for packaging their range of organic fruit and vegetables.

Escalating demand from retailers, who are themselves driven by ever more stringent packaging waste legislation and the marketing advantages of having a green image, is putting increasing pressure on large food companies to use biodegradable packaging materials.

Biodegradable packaging for fresh produce allows supermarkets to compost old produce along with its packaging, saving the time and money spent separating the produce from the packaging, another reason why fresh produce is such a popular application for biodegradable packaging.

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