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Vegetable oils are obtained from renewable resources and are biodegradable. Thus, they offer specific environmental and economic sustainability benefits over mineral oil-based lubricants. In addition to these benefits, vegetable oils also have certain performance advantages over conventional mineral oil base stocks. These include low volatility, high flash points, super high viscosity index and excellent lubricity.

BioPak has lubricants for 3500 horsepower high performance, high temperature racing engines to the most severe hydraulic requirements for extremely cold temperatures. We have over 40 biobased products to service the needs and requirements of the high performance lubricant market.

The products have worldwide patents and proprietary additives that have shown exceptional performance in vegetable oils as lubricant base stocks. This technology provides a low cost method for improving cold temperature performance and stabilising oxidisation of vegetable oil based lubricants for high and low temperature engine, transmission, hydraulic, gear and many industrial fluid applications.

Internal and outside test data show that other commercially available compounds have not duplicated this level of performance. Our patented technology and extensive field successes are what place us without peers in the biobased lubricant market. BioPak is providing these biobased products for the government and commercial markets. Our biobased product technology endures gruelling and demanding military and industrial specification test protocols to determine their performance, reliability, lifecycle cost and safety.


BioPak’s biobased lubricants are environmentally responsible lubricants that are formulated from renewable agricultural plant resources. They should be especially used where low toxicity and biodegradability properties are required. Base oils and additives in these products pass and exceed the acute toxicity criteria.

The bacterial microorganisms used in biodegradation tests are some of the simplest forms of life and, like all living organisms, are adversely affected by the presence of chemical toxins. The low toxicity of these biobased products is demonstrated by the microorganism’s ability to multiply and biodegrade BioLube products in ASTM biodegradation studies.

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