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Magnetic Water Conditioner from BioFarm Agricultural solves the problem of lousy bore water

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BioFarm Agricultural Water SolutionsSalty bore? High calcium causing scale? Iron staining? Hard-setting soils? Stunted plants or purplish leaves? Install a Magnetic Water Conditioner from BioFarm Agricultural !

Magnetic Water Conditioner can be used when there is high calcium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, iron or salinity in bore water. It can also be used for household, garden, stock, larger irrigation bores, white scale buildup, staining and blockages. These products come with different strengths to treat different levels of water problems. The pipe size ranges between ½ to 24 inches. Jeff Harvie from BioFarm Agricultural can advice consumers on the use of Magnetic Water Conditioner to solve their bore water problem. He is a soil and agricultural scientist.

The conditioner does not physically remove elements from the water. The strong magnetic charge changes the ability of problem ions that bond with other materials. Calcium and iron will no longer bind and build up like cement, and salts will no longer build up in the soil. Consumers would have seen what happens when high-calcium water dries on a surface. It sets like cement. When the water is treated by the Magnetic Water Conditioner, the calcium dries into a harmless powder that no longer retains its bonding ability. The salinity levels in the soil do not increase either. These units are easy to install and require no power or maintenance. They clamp easily on the outside of the pipe with stainless steel bolts.

BioFarm Agricultural now has an iron removal system for treating red iron staining waters. It also offers water testing and analysis that is quick and cheap. To serve consumers properly and professionally, BioFarm Agricultural does not sell any units without first seeing current water test results.

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