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Biological cleaning service from Bio-Clean (Australia)

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Bio-Clean (Australia)  offers wide range of services including biological cleaning of death scenes, odour elimination, crime scene rehabilitation, cleaning and rehabilitating the clandestine laboratory, cleaning and disposal of hydroponics set up, cell cleaning, faeces and blood disposal and complete rehabilitation and cleaning of forensic and biological incident.

Bio-Clean (Australia) also help and support the clients to fill insurance claims and also provides expert documentation. The complete work process is video taped and photographed by Bio-Clean (Australia).

Bio-Clean (Australia) accept bank cheques, cash, direct bank credit and personal cheques.

Bio-Clean (Australia) has blood disposal and borne pathogen control and OH&S plan for its employees as they ensure protection of their employees and clients. Bio-Clean (Australia) use state of art equipment and also provide medical checks and inoculations to their employees.

Bio-Clean (Australia) offers complete restoration service including removing bulk contaminates odour eradication, insects and pests, cleaning of carpets and mattresses and waste disposal.
Bio-Clean (Australia) provides various cleaning methods including heating, steam vapour or cleaning with help of chemicals. The restoration job offered by Bio-Clean (Australia) is treated with residual pesticide that controls maggots, flies and crawling creatures.

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